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We are the largest wholesale printer of pressure sealed mailers, variable data, "snap pack" print mailers!

“SNAP PACK” MAILERS are the official direct mail documents that ALWAYS get opened!
Snap Mailers or Pressure Sealed mailers have a 95% open ratio!

We are your one stop shop for snap packs. They are also known as snap mailers, snap paks, or snap pressure sealed mailers. We offer variable data, mail merge, and turn-key wholesale direct mail marketing. We do not outsource, which means that we save you time and money on your snap pack mailer campaign! Click here for a snap pack quote:

Snap Pack Direct Mail serves all of the US and Canada.
Our snap pack pressure seal wholesale printers are located in CA and TX.
We offer turn key snap pack - pressure sealed printing, variable data / mail merge services, mail lists and complete mail house services. Everything is backed by our "Snap Pack Postage Guarantee," complete with official postal paperwork and 3602.

We offer 24/7 service to process your snap pack print order quickly, with unlimited variable data, mail merge, quality assurance, and offering the best wholesale snap pack print and mail list rates in the country. We also offer CASS and NCOA processing of your snap mailer so that you are assured that it is delivered in a timely manner. Snap Pack graphic services are available to you for simple processing. We print "snap pack mailers" 24/7, so leave it to us to help assist you with your direct mail pressure seal campaign!

Snap Pack Pressure Seal Mailers are often used for these direct mail industries: major banks, automotive industry, mortgage industry, lawyers, federal aid divisions, health services industries, accountant and tax advisors, and more!

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Snap Pack pressure seal variable data Mailer

This pressure sealed snap pack mailer is perforated on three sides for easy and official opening. The print mailer  is designed to look “important”. The document may often contain  important, urgent, time sensitive information or an attached check. A majority of people open these snap packs the moment that they set eyes on them because of the format design!  The printed mailers have details specific to the addressee such as name, address, and other personal data listed throughout the print in a format called “variable data”. The repetitive personal information detailed on the snap pack letter is aimed to demand immediate attention from the reader, therefore the response to action is high!

Media Print Solutions is not responsible for ad contents. Client is solely responsible for making sure that the letter complies to the state in which it will be mailed.